The Studio

Fine Photographic Portraits

Josie Jackson specializes in photographic portraits that are created in the style of paintings, adding an artistic flair that goes beyond ordinary portraiture. Josie is known for beautiful wall portraits that mimic fine art paintings and that are the centerpiece of any room. Loved ones are put in their very best light, capturing a slice of family life that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Oil and Pastel Portraits and American Impressionist Paintings

An impressionist painter working in oil and pastel, Josie Jackson is inspired by the Old Masters and the impressionist Painters whose use of light on canvas to capture the intricacies of everyday life has been admired for centuries. Josie's portraiture of children, adults and pets as well as her luminous still lifes, landscapes and seaside moments have been widely praised.

Josie Jackson's fine photographic portraiture and impressionistic paintings can be found in collections in the United Status and Canada.